Donna has been a mystic, spiritual counselor, workshop leader, speaker, author and healer for over 40 years. Though she began spiritual teaching and public speaking in her teens, college and grad school led her to becoming a speech pathologist. By her mid-thirties, however, amidst a busy life with three small children and a husband, she returned to being an intuitive channel for individuals and groups.

For four decades, she has conveyed universal truths that serve in the interweaving of the sacred and the practical. In June, 2019 Donna closed her private practice. Led by Guidance, she is now writing, which includes Channeling for this challenging era, as well as stories of times she and her husband Dave were guided to make radical moves or changes that made no logical sense, but that opened doors to greater service, community and worlds yet unknown. For seven years, they have been regular caregivers of young grandchildren, who are now 1, 5 and 7-year olds..

As an author, Donna has published numerous articles, a children’s book, poetry and inspirational CDs. As a channel, she recorded over two hundred evening messages from Spirit given weekly on Thursday evenings over a thirteen-year span.

Though Donna is no longer doing readings or ongoing counseling, you can keep up with her by putting your name on her mailing list (from which she only sends an announcement if she is giving a workshop or talk or has a publication to offer.)

Donna’s Professional Background

  • M.A. in Speech Pathology 1968
  • Speech Therapist in hospitals, convalescent hospitals, clinics and schools 1967-1979
  • Professional Intuitive – Compassion-Centered Counseling, providing Readings and Spiritual Guidance
  • Author of inspirational articles and a children’s book – 1980-2019
  • Channel of Guidance at weekly public gatherings 1981-1994
  • Sold over 400 tapes of channeled messages mid-eighties to mid-nineties
  • Co-leader of Spiritual Journeys to sacred places in US and Abroad 1980’s to early 90’s
  • Author of children’s fiction and activity book, Belle at the Circus
  • Author of several articles and poems published in journals and anthologies
  • Public speaker, Metaphysical Teacher and Workshop Leader 1980-2019
  • “Retired” to be re-wired, go deeper spiritually and write – June, 2019
  • Sent out Channelings during the Pandemic – Spring, 2020 (see tab on this website for copies)