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How it all began...
As I raced toward Roanoke Hospital at eighty mph, I prayed that my husband lying in the back seat in clenching pain wouldn't have to undergo surgery. Our three small children were silent in the station wagon. Only a month had passed since the Caesarian birth of our third little one, and I was desperate to find a healer or someone to prevent the threatened operation.

Later at the hospital, the healer I had located gave me these wise instructions, "Put your hands on your husband, wherever your intuition directs, remember how much you love him, and let God do the rest." Dave began to relax as energy poured through us both.

Thank God, Dave had begun his path to health without surgery and his own interest in healing energy. Little did I know that I had just begun my exit from the profession of speech pathology. That was 1977.  Over the next three years, teachers in Spirit who serve the Christ Light instructed me in channeling, healing and serving. 

For over 40 years, I've had the privilege of serving
Spiritual Director and Teacher
Intuitive Counselor
Interfaith Minister
Inspirational Speaker

I'm also proud to live the roles of:
Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Friend and Pet-lover

In my former life this life, I served as:
Speech Pathologist (M.A. Occidental College)
Inspirational Speaker

From childhood on, I've been a:
People Enthusiast
"In psychospiritual areas that can be bewildering or conflicting, Donna sounds an authentic, clear voice. It is the voice of a true wise woman who counsels and teaches with uncompromised devotion to universal principles and warm compassion for human challenges. She brings to lectures, classes and the counseling chamber a rare blend of intelligence, wit and practicality. I recommend her and her work fully, knowing that anyone who seeks her counsel or teaching will be enriched." - Gloria Karpinski, author of Where Two Worlds Touch and Barefoot on Holy Ground.

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