After several months of working with Spirit, I am ready to share healing information that can be used independently or in conjunction with all other forms of healing. Integral healing can be used for self-healing, distance-healing and in-person healing.

Class I - Grids and Kinesthetic Healing
Working with Etheric Healers
Grids connect us multi-dimensionally with thought-forms and Beings that support our intentions and prayers. Use grids for healing work, personal life, prayer work and more. Fine tune your kinesthetic sense as a healing tool.  Heal by "feel" without taking on symptoms. 

Donna radiates faith, joy and compassion, and being in her presence ignites those fires within her students, clients, and friends. She has the remarkable ability to seamlessly weave deep, mystical truths with the challenges and seeming banality of everyday life, infusing others' questions and problems with a deep sense of purpose. What a gift it is to have her joy and wisdom in my life!
Becca Elliott, Psychologist, Chapel Hill, NC

It has been my pleasure to teach spiritual healing with Donna Gulick at the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine and the UNC Program in Integrative Medicine. Her teaching is authentic and from the heart, and students respond in amazing ways to her healing presence. Donna provides the opportunity for all to experience Spirit at a deep level.
Larry Burk, MD, President, Healing Imager, Inc., Durham, NC

Class II - Healing Truths, Alignment and Tools
Learn to align the twelve frequencies of the physical and subtle bodies for in-depth healing. Use symbols and analogy as healing tools. Increase your ability to channel through personally-familiar symbols.
Class III Advanced Healing Techniques
Learn healing on the cellular level. Connect disconnected circuitry. Integrate specific methods for specific diseases and injuries. Do advanced work from the higher subtle bodies. Practice cellular memory re-programming, the "stem cell" work, and methods to enhance emotional healing.

September 24th, October 8th, & November 5th, 2005
10 a.m. 5 p.m. at Gulicks' home in Carrboro
Cost $85 per session or $240 for the series

Pre-registration required: See calendar for scheduled courses or contact Donna to sponsor one in your area.


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