Allness of God, Angels & Guides who serve the Christ Light, I am open to receive info on the Coronavirus as it is displaying on Earth, and as it is progressing. What do we need to know – as humanity and as individuals and families?

“My precious ones, first of all, Coronavirus too is a life form. Strengthen your own life forms, your bodies. Use mushrooms, herbs, homeopathics and inner-peace to boost your immune systems. Yes, people get sick and some die. But no one dies unless they either want out of this Earth-life, or the death of their body at this time fits their soul’s needs, goals and service. Fear decreases your immunity; so ask what you need to do to be happy on Earth, to serve, to love and to be thankful. Creativity boosts your immunity, so does singing, laughing and even smiling. All these emotions increase your immunity and decrease your symptoms if you do get sick. Trust your soul; it is wise and all-seeing in choosing your path. Whatever that path is – you are right where you need to be.
The most important vitamin you can take is thankfulness and appreciation of the little blessings in every moment. What flower is blooming in front of you? What tiny bug shows vitality to admire? What rocks in your gravel shine with beauty? What sharing with stranger or friend – a smile – a helper on the phone – a blessing you had not expected – will come your way today? In the evening, it is wise to reflect on these gifts – shared over dinner or in prayer at bedtime.

We suggest you read trusted scientific and medical sources about prevention and treatment of this flu virus that puts it in the context of modern medicine, as differing from the historical perspective of the early 1900’s and before. Prediction, by anyone, emphasizes one possible path, not a certain future. Our other suggestion is to counter the news on illness by reading uplifting writing that makes your spirit happy.

So, dear ones, life is full of change, always. This virus, and its effects, brings changes. Accepting change is a spiritual practice in itself. What choices can you make when small and large changes happen in your life? What circumstances require faith in your soul’s journey and love instead of fear?

Thank you for listening. Your Light shines brightly, and humanity plus all other consciousness on Earth needs that Light. We send you love and thankfulness for being you.”

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