Donna’s prayer: Angels, Guides, Masters who serve the Divine Light of the Christ, the Buddha and Everlasting Love, we ask your help with our fears and our sorrows. Allness of God, Divine in all that is, we open to your Guidance and perspective during this challenging time in our lives. We choose to serve the Light, even as we are very human. We are open and listening, receiving transformation, even as we receive information. Thank you.

“As Donna breathes deeply to release pent-up emotions and listen, we begin to share. First of all, thank you so much for being willing to live and serve during this major passage, this important transition in humanity’s history.

We can’t provide the energy that people need without your help because we are not in bodies. In Spirit, we guide you, send you peace, surround you in love. Only you can emanate love and peace from human to human. When you send forth Light and Healing to all who need it, you are helping mass consciousness, all people to know they are not alone. When you pray for others, as well as yourself, you join all prayers of like-kind, and the power of Spirit, to lift the consciousness and brighten the energy-bodies and souls of all who receive. We join in your prayers, empower them further to bring about what you might call miracles.

Put the Wolf of Fear to sleep

Before we embark on fear,

let’s look at the greater understanding of this pandemic and its world-wide effects on nearly every aspect of human life. Some of its Higher Purposes will be understood later, but to begin with, contemplate this. The aloneness of isolation, whether one is sick or healthy, is a disguised invitation to knowing, ‘You are never alone.’
As you are sequestered, you are serving others by not spreading the virus. That’s only the beginning. You are also being given the time to open to your inner Essence, your spiritual nature, to pray, to meditate, to allow yourself to deeply feel the river of peace that flows through you, always – no matter the circumstance. Like an underground river, peace is always present. It’s up to you to dig the well, or to find in yourself where the river arises into a bubbling spring in your consciousness.

Some of you are having to work even longer hours, while employed from home. Pause to breathe before and after online meetings, asking that peace go forth to all in the conference, including yourself. Give thanks at the end – it only takes a split second. Please, if you are one of the over-employed, do allow time for extra sleep, so we can help you renew your body and mind. No work is worth risking your future service by disregarding your health now.

Some of you are home with children, who aren’t playing with friends, in order to help stop the virus from spreading, and you may be working too. If so, keep reminding yourselves that you are giving the children time they’ll remember as a treasure. Praise yourself for all you are doing. Really enjoy the time you get with the children, and know that you’ll do the job that is your employment the best you can, but love is the most important agenda right now. Please give yourselves as much praise as possible, and don’t forget to sleep more than usual. Do what your body needs during this pandemic. Include thankfulness as a ritual with your children at times you and they choose, and be sure to thank each other for things large and small.

For those of you who are not scrambling at high speed during this sequestering period, we suggest you create a time or two each day for focusing on your underground river of peace. Read inspirational passages wherever you find the most useful. Deepen your breath. Ask to receive peace and to send it forth to all who need likewise. Journal your thankfulness. Starting with prayer to receive only that which is for the Highest Good of All Concerned, you can write out your questions for us, then listen, and write the answers that come to you.

Fear – How natural fear is.

Fear serves a purpose, sometimes a life-saving one. The Pandemic, and its wide-reaching effects, is terrifying to humans. Please do allow yourself to notice your fears. However, when you are immersed in them – especially of the future –you impair your ability to focus on the present moment. If you aren’t in the NOW, your inspiration is lessened, your ingenuity is on hold and your compulsions are amplified. Inspiration and ingenuity will open new doors, create new careers and help regenerate your world in a positive direction. When fear impedes inspiration and ingenuity, the forward progress slows down.
OK – then what to do when fear arises?

Notice the fear and name it as such. This is Fear. After a time of going over the

scary ‘What-ifs,’ you might say to yourself, ‘Wow! I’m really scared.’ Or ‘Hello Fear. Are you trying to help me somehow?’

Fear is usually trying to help you find a way to KNOW what the future will be, and to know what precautions you’ll take – thus to have control. Of course, that’s a myth, isn’t it? No one is in full control of this moment or the future. No one ever was, or is, or will be in control. You are creators, and you have choices. You have intuition, inner guidance, to help you choose moment by moment what to create in your mind and through your actions. What you don’t have is the famed ‘crystal ball,’ to see the future.

Choose self-empowerment by changing your thoughts. If you were envisioning what would happen if you… got Covid-19… or didn’t have a paying job… or lost someone you love…you could instead, use your active imagination to conjure positive pictures, scenes with hope.

Next, surrender the negative scenarios and even the positive ones with a prayer, like Thy Will, not mine’, or ‘May all beings be filled with peace and love.’

We can tell you that these changes are bringing about much good on Earth. The ego wants them to be in self-prescribed forms, without the current disruption of normal. Major changes rarely rise out of the comfortable normal.

Remind yourself that there is a Higher Power, an Energy-in-Flow, whether you term it God, Spirit, Essence, the Tao or the Void (which in no way means emptiness).
Yes, you feel vulnerable, which is part of being human, but you are not alone. Humans are helping each other, coming together, connecting through internet, prayer, phone and more. They are realizing the spiritual truth of Oneness – with each other, Spirit, nature, Earth and all life forms.

Remember, ‘This too shall pass,’ but the world is vastly changing to bring about greater cooperation, birthing of new and better systems and appreciation of each moment of life as a gift.

The changes in human consciousness take time, but they

are in process. Trust the Process, Trust the changes. Birth is a messy and painful experience, but the results are beyond anticipation and even imagination.

Thank you for sharing in this message. We who live in Light with the purpose of helping humanity draw very close to you now to help you trust the Higher Good out of this challenging time. You will go in and out of fear many times day. Please know that we are loving you and seeing the Light in you, whether you are in times of fear or faith, despair or hope.

For your heart-heavy feelings of sorrow, we’ll bring you comfort and empathy in our next message through Donna. We know you feel love and pain, sorrow for each other, for all who suffer during this time, including yourselves. We are here for you. Talk to us any time. Listen to us from within, through others and through these transmissions via Donna.
We sign off with this blessing: May you be filled with ever-lasting love and peace, even as you live through each day in the current situations. May you celebrate the beauty of spring and the blessings you have.”

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