Donna’s prayer: Divine Oneness – Allness of God, Angels and Guides who serve the Christ/Buddhic/Spiritual Light, we ask your help in knowing what to do to vastly improve racial inequality and its underlying causes. We receive only that which comes through the Light. We ask to be cleared and cleansed of all that is less than worthy of living in love on this planet now. We are thankful and listening.


Dear Ones, Beings of Light that you are,
We greet you in thankfulness and love for your presence on Earth at this time. Yes! We need you. Because you are human, you still have leftovers from your past, including your heritage, your culture, previous lives, and beliefs you’ve been trained to hold this lifetime. Because  you are Holy, you are Light-filled and constantly creators of this moment’s reality and those to come.

To truly make a difference, you must begin with yourself. Of course you don’t consider yourself prejudiced, but you do feel superior to one person or another. Perhaps they have your same color skin, but you judge their way of living, how much they drink, how they choose to live or whether they wear a mask during the pandemic. Every opinion you hold of another person has the opportunity to be or become a judgement. When you add up the same judgement a number of times, you have a deep-seated prejudice.

To begin unwrapping your own layers, just notice when you have an observation without an opinion. For example, if you are taking a walk and pass someone of a color or nationality different than your own, do you think some generality about them? Do you assume their traits, opinions or reactions will fit a certain stereotype? Do you simply notice, “That person is doing ______,” without a comment of its rightness or wrongness.

If you find yourself judging, please don’t blame yourself. Your conditioning, whether familial, societal or ancestral, taught you this habit. Instead of self-criticism, do this simple practice:


See the Christ in them. See the Buddha in them. See the Divine in them.


If you do observe someone being cruel to another, ask Spirit immediately, what am I to do in this situation? The person who took a video of violence made a worldwide difference in peoples’ understanding. Sometimes, the answer is not to do something at the moment, but to remove yourself from the situation and do something in the next moments.

We’re not saying you need to clean up or sweep out your emotional reactions to events. Of course you feel deeply sad when you realize the depth of abuse and suffering of minorities, whether you are part of one or not. Let that sorrow fuel your actions and your self-examination. Anger, too, can spur positive action. Simply note whether you are creating separateness or inclusiveness as you express your sorrow or feel your anger. Let these emotions fuel you, but not in words or acts that promote separateness.

How do you express anger and live inclusiveness at the same time? Like any paradox, you are walking a tightrope of truth. Express anger without blame. Begin by journaling your fury, or role-playing it to an empty room or exercising it into manageable. Then, instead of reviewing the reasons for anger repeatedly in your mind or aloud, ask, “What action is mine to do?”

White male supremacy is dominant throughout your civilization, throughout your world. Power-hunger and greed dominate. What part of it calls you to make a difference and how? Research if needed, but most of all listen to your inner desire to heal the system and beliefs, and ask Guidance, what is my role here today? Let today’s action lead you to the next and the next.

Lastly, your vibration makes a difference in the collective consciousness. What is the focus of your thoughts? How are they invoking your emotions? Do you come back again and again to blame of leaders, systems or those who have views that are the opposite of yours? If so, and all of you do at least some of the time, begin by giving love to yourself, realizing you caught yourself in human-type thinking. Next, send a prayer outward for all beings to be filled with love, kindness and peace even as they help dysfunctional systems and prejudices break down, even as they bring about the long-needed changes in every society. Finally, release this prayer to Universal Intelligence that it may be realized in whatever ways are for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

This is the time for all that is suppressed, hidden or being ignored to surface. You are participating in this vital opportunity for re-structuring the very foundations of how your society functions. You are the perfect person to be here now, to help by your vibrations and your actions. The karma of slavery weighs heavily. You can help change that karma to love, inclusiveness and equality.

Thank you for being the conscious and loving beings you are! We need you! We love you! We who assist your energy and clarity can’t do these changes for you. Each of you is the key to the creation and evolution needed now. Thank you.